Frequently Asked Questions

When can we start enquiring and booking for Christmas/New Years school holidays?
We will start opening up bookings for this period in July. Please keep in mind that the last season's regulars will get first preference.
Why do we not have to pay a deposit?
Payment needs to be received 4 weeks before arrival. If you have booking online or through us personally on phone or email we have secured you a home and there is no need to pay a deposit.
Are there any homes that will allow pets?
We have one home which is dog friendly, it's enquiry only and we will get the owners permission first.
If we clean do we need to pay the cleaning fee?
Yes the cleaning fee is compulsory, we do require homes to be how they were left, but to ensure that the next guest has a hygienic, comfortable stay we will clean the property to make sure it complies with our standards
Are we able to have extra guests stay in a caravan or tent at the property?
Unfortunately not under any circumstances will we allow a caravan or tent at a property. 
The property says it only sleeps a particular amount but we will have extra guests staying, can we pay extra?
Please inform us of any extra guests as most houses in our area have systems that cannot handle extra people staying and this will in turn impact your stay.
What kind of linen do we need to provide?
You will be required to bring pillowcases, sheets, towels, bathmats, handtowels etc. We do supply teatowels.
Are we able to purchase linen?
Yes we provide linen (soap, pillowcases/sheets - beds are all made, towels, facewashers, bathmats and handtowels) for $25 per person
Will I receive confirmation once I have paid?
Yes you will receive an automated response via email after you have completed your booking and payment.
Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of the full payment by the Agent. Any deposit and final payment must be received by the Agent by the due date as agreed between the parties. The below cancellation conditions will apply: 
14.1. namely that if the Agent is notified of cancellation less than 28 days prior to the check in date that the Agent shall be at liberty to invoice the Guest for all or part of the full booking payment, at the Agent’s sole discretion. 
15. That the premises and location are described to the best of our ability in good faith and no responsibility or refunds will be accepted. 
15.1. That the Guest understands that they have chosen the property without viewing the property prior to booking that they are responsible for their own choice. 
15.2. That there is no refund for cancelled or terminated bookings. 
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